Electronic Payments

Bosque Amateur Radio Club Memberships begin on April 1st each year.
If you are already a member, we ask that you pay your dues each April.
If you are just joining the club, dues are prorated. Simply find the current month and select the payment type from that row.

Current MonthFull MemberAssociate or Family Member
April (normal dues)$20.00
May (prorated)$18.33
June (prorated)$16.67
July (prorated)$15.00
August (prorated)$13.33
September (prorated)$11.67
October (prorated)$10.00
November (prorated)$8.33
December (prorated)$6.67
January (prorated)$5.00
February (prorated)$3.33
March (prorated)$1.67