Feburary’s Presentation – 2/3/2024

From Ed Poccia, KC2LM:

The program I have prepared for the February Bosque ARC meeting is on the modes used to send images over the ham bands. 

1. The first SSTV system I will demonstrate uses an Android phone to send images with a HT.

2. An easy way to share images over the air, uses a mode included in the fldigi suite, MFSK 16.

3. Analog SSTV is the most popular and has been around since the early 1960s. Today’s version uses a free computer software to share different types of SSTV.  Included in this type is a SSTV  mode that can decode the ISS SSTV transmissions.

4. The last and latest imaging software I will be presenting is a Digital version called “Easy Pal”,  which generates large, extremely clear images that are far superior to the analog versions. This version can send, text messages, ICS 213 forms used in EmComm, and even audio files.