March’s Presentation – 3/4/2023

In the ever evolving world of Amateur Radio digital communication, new modes are always welcome additions to the fold. VarAC, one of the most exciting additions in recent years, was introduced in late 2021 by Irad Deutsch, 4Z1AC. This still evolving mode includes numerous features including keyboard-keyboard QSO’s, message storage/forwarding and automatic beaconing.  Operators will appreciate the fact that VarAC utilizes the VARA software modem, thus providing error free communication with transfer speed automatically adapting to shifting band conditions. Amateur Operators world-wide are beginning to discover VarAC and activity is rapidly increasing.

Ed Poccia, KC2LM, is an aficionado of this great new communication tool and will be with us on November 16th to share his expertise and assist us in configuring our stations for VarAC operation. Following a slide presentation covering set-up and configuration, Ed will give a live demonstration and provide hands-on time to give participants a taste of this new and exciting mode.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, March 4th at 10:00 for Ed’s presentation. 


Following Ed’s presentation, we will hold our Annual General Meeting for the purpose of Electing certain officers: Vice-President, Secretary and one At Large Board of Directors member. All officers currently holding these positions are eligible for one more term and have agreed to serve if re-elected by the body.

Proxy Voting: Any member wishing to vote in the election but who will not be able to attend the meeting may assign a proxy to cast their vote. If you wish to vote by proxy simply send an email, or give a written note, to the person you appoint as your proxy. The email message or note must contain your name and call sign and indicate that you appoint a specific member, also identified by name and call sign, to vote in your place at the March 4th meeting. Your proxy will deliver the note to the secretary so your delegation can be entered in the club records.